August will be a busy month, but you cannot miss the date with AMICOMED, who will be present at the BAIA (Business Association Italy America) Geeks on August 11, 2016 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm in San Francisco.

This event is open to anyone interested in the world of startups and especially healthcare; it is not aimed at promoting the service but at socializing and networking. During the presentation, Giangiacomo Rocco di Torrepadula from AMICOMED will talk about the importance of healthcare for the cure of hypertension.

The importance of a simple and easy design for the consumer is often underestimated, but AMICOMED’s experience could change your mind. Even in the world of healthcare, simplicity in usability is a fundamental aspect of app development and should receive as much attention as scientific rigor.

AMICOMED co-founder Giangiacomo will show how a design focused on the user can bring about incredible results. In fact, the development of a new enticing app design has drastically improved the user experience, leading to a greater adherence to the program.

The first results indicate that the new rich graphics focused on gamification have improved the rate of conversion from app downloads to program activation by 300%.
AMICOMED is not the only case in which design and user experience had a key role in improving the use of health-focused devices.

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