Amicomed was chosen to participate in the Digital Health Venture Forum, which will be held on October 25, 2016 in Valencia at the Las Naves vanue (C/ de Juan Verdeguer 16, 46024 – Valencia).

The Digital Health Venture Forum (DHVF) will allow selected companies to present their services. Amicomed will be there alongside other internationally selected companies to demonstrate their work and innovation in the field of digital health to experts and investors. Valencia was chosen to host the event, during which major digital health companies will have a chance to make themselves known and present the work they have been doing for their clients.

40 of the best companies in the world have been selected to participate in this event, including Amicomed, which was selected thanks its blood pressure tracking and management service focused of lifestyle changes.

Stay connected, follow us on twitter and facebook or join us at Las Naves if you happen to be in Valencia. Good luck to the Amicomed team and to all the companies selected.