The innovative coaching program that leverages lifestyle changes over 3 months to help control blood pressure in a fun and easy way.

All existing guidelines recommend changing lifestyle habits as a first approach to battling high blood pressure. We help make these guidelines actionable in a way that is personalised for each user.


It has never been easier to understand how your blood pressure is going. Each time a blood pressure measurement is provided, Amicomed responds with a clinical evaluation on blood pressure evolution. This provides an instant and understandable response, supported by comments and graphs, which helps the user understand their blood pressure evolution.

A qualified and safe support thanks to our proprietary algorithm.


Amicomed’s first results in Europe were striking – namely, adherence of over 70% with a mean blood pressure reduction (sys) up to 20mmHg in only three months. Results have been presented to the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in Chicago, American Society of Hypertension (ASH) in New York, at London King’s Fund, and to the International Society of Hypertension in Seoul.